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Congress Is About to Give Health Insurance Companies the Nuclear Weapon

Amy Mecozzi Cho, MD, MBA from the High Yield Script blog

"It feels like there is a war on physicians.  The harm to physicians is real.  Physicians now, graduating with upwards of $200,000 of educational debt, feel trapped. Physician burnout is epidemic.  We are blamed for our dysfunctional, fragmented and expensive healthcare system.  We are portrayed as greedy and evilOur education, training and commitment to our patients is devalued

These things add up.  Physicians are disabled by the stress fractures – many are cutting back or retiring early because there is only so much we can take.  And, tragically, these assaults are deadly for many – our suicide rate is twice that of the general public

Now, with fanfare and the congratulations of the insurance companies, the Senate is poised to give insurance companies the ultimate weapon that could cut our compensation by upwards of 60%.  It will be the “unintentional” consequence of Title 1 of The Lower Health Care Costs Act of 2019, a provision intended to eliminate “surprise out-of-network billing.”  But it will lead to the collapse of the commercial insurance market negotiations with physicians who work in hospitals and drive reimbursement to the lowest levels."

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