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Doctors Aren't the Enemy

Christopher Colvin

Emergency Physician

Dear America, we’re sorry.

We’ve fought so hard for you. We gave up the best decades of our lives to study and train how to save you from disease. Late nights, weekends, and holidays... we’ve been there for you. We’ve sacrificed for you, hoping our endeavors would make a difference in your lives. We risk our own lives covered in HIV and Hepatitis C, so that we can resect your cancer, manage your liver laceration from that horrible car wreck, and deliver your infant that came four weeks early. We’ve fought for you in the clinics to get a procedure approved, and we’ve lost. We tried to get you some help with a skilled nursing facility after you broke your hip, but you were denied. We tried to admit you for your pneumonia, and I know you can’t breathe, but your insurance CEO below has denied your right to a hospital bed.

We know you’ve paid your monthly fees to have this insurance, but the guy below, UnitedHealth Group CEO David Wichmann, doesn’t care. He never has. He will take your money, and deny your services. He will do it with a smile, and gleefully accept a multi-million dollar bonus for making his investors wealthy.

Insurance companies have tried to make doctors look like the bad guys. We aren’t, and we never have been. Hospitals are dying because of men and women like the CEO mentioned in this article. The hospital systems are now out of network with United Healthcare, and it’s hurting all of you. It’s time. It’s time for you to fight for your right to healthcare, and stop paying for a product that these companies no longer want to provide. It would be beautiful to see the citizens of this country rise up in a class action lawsuit against insurance companies. Lobbying doesn’t work, and the politicians aren’t motivated. It will take the long slow course of legal maneuvers to right this sinking ship.

We’ve tried to do the best we could, but doctors aren’t political by nature. We are caregivers who have suffered alongside you as we witness the grotesque become reality. We will always be here for you, but we need you to fight for your health. Stand up. It’s time.

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