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Dr. Caraballo on CNN New Day

Dr. Caraballo discussed the COVID-19 pandemic, testing availability, and what it's like to work on the frontlines, after being quarantined for his own illness!

"Yes, I was negative and I'm back treating patients. So thank God, it came back negative. I'm glad to be back in the E.D. seeing patients. As Dr. Walensky was saying, it's very important that we have masks and that everybody is being careful when they see patients.

One key thing is we need healthcare workers. It took me seven days to get my results back, which is unacceptable for healthcare workers. We need to be able to test quicker. And when they're negative and they're asymptomatic, they need to be able to get back as soon as possible.

Just the other day when I worked, I had an ambulance come in with paramedics and none of them were wearing masks in a code, which is a cardiac arrest. And they told us they only get a certain amount of masks per shift. I told them, you got to wear a mask for every patient, and that's really what we need. Everybody needs to be smart and use common sense on this and use a mask. Assume everybody has COVID until proven otherwise."

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