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How the Federal Government can Prepare for COVID-19 from Frontline Experts

Drs. Cho, Pappadakis, Tassey and Jha

An urgent dispatch from the COVID-19 frontlines

"We are physicians. We are experts at triaging and prioritizing action. Our decisions mean the difference between life and death. We regularly balance competing interests in the setting of constrained resources. We fight hard for our patients. Our job has been likened to “walking through minefields in clown shoes.” It breeds humility. If we make a bad decision, the unthinkable happens. And we are frequently reminded of the fragility of life. We have glimpsed the future of COVID-19 and are horrified. At this point, New York alone is outpacing Lombardia, and the U.S. is outpacing every Western country thus far. We aren’t waiting for the cavalry to ride in, because there isn’t one coming. It’s up to us."

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