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NY State Releases a Report on Their Successful Balanced Billing Legislation

"[T]he OON Law has saved consumers over $400,000,000 from the time it was implemented in March of 2015 through the end of 2018 with respect to emergency services alone. This savings has been realized in part through a reduction in costs associated with emergency services and an increased incentive for network participation. Consumers in need of emergency services are typically unable to choose the physician that provides the services. In addition, even when the consumer receives emergency services at an in-network hospital, the physician may not necessarily be in-network. Prior to the OON Law, there were no protections from excessive emergency charges; consumers or health plans would just pay the amount billed, and physicians providing emergency services did not have an incentive to participate in health plan networks. By establishing an independent dispute resolution process for OON emergency services, the OON Law reduced OON billing by 34% and lowered in-network emergency physician payments by 9%"

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