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Surprise Bills Often Result From High Deductible Insurance Plans with High Out-of-Pocket Limits

Surprise Medical Bills are often used to describe any bill a patient receives unexpectedly for health care services. Out-of-network bills comprise some of these, but what has become more prevalent is a bill due to, "Surprise! No insurance Coverage!" Health insurance companies have been allowed to increase the out-of-pocket amounts patients and families are responsible for while simultaneously increasing employer sponsored insurance contributions and patient monthly premiums. The result? Patients and families are responsible for a greater portion of their medical bills and insurance companies are pulling in record profits.

In a story out of Florida, a patient received a bill after receiving appropriate emergency medical treatment for a hand infection. The surprise? Her high-deductible insurance requires her to pay the entire bill (and more OOP until she reaches her annual deductible $6,600). It's understandable how so many patients and families are unable to meet these OOP requirements on top of record high monthly premiums. One has to wonder, why pay for insurance coverage?

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