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What I Believe About “Surprise Billing Reform”

Amy Mecozzi Cho, MD MBA

Dr. Cho dives into how a Benchmarking solution will affect patients and the larger emergency medicine field. Read her full comments here.

"I believe rural hospitals won’t be able to staff with physicians and so will either use NPs or close. Since I believe rigorous and lengthy emergency medicine physician training enables us to save lives when seconds matter, I believe patients will die because of these closures.

I believe it will force more physicians to be employed and increase market consolidation. Since I believe in the value of physician independence of corporations, who have a fiduciary duty to shareholders and NOT to patients, I feel this is a negative.

I believe specialists will stop taking call and this will affect our networks of care, even in suburban hospitals. For example, one of our two neurosurgeons hated doing brain bleeds in the middle of the night and he recently quit and joined an ortho practice where he does spine surgeries in their outpatient surgical center. I anticipate that university hospitals and safety net hospitals may be the only places left to get emergency specialist care.

I believe that our poorest patients and those on Medicaid will have trouble then getting follow-up care.

I believe that it will be “wholly demoralizing” to all of us who work so hard to have our pay arbitrarily slashed because some seemingly unbiased economists (funded by insurance industry) and health care policy experts (with an agenda) believe we are no more valuable than commodities and have realized that they can use “Surprise billing reform” as a Trojan Horse to save money on “emergency services” aka our pay.

I believe that the physician shortage will worsen as physicians will retire early, work less or get out as soon as they are able.Sadly,

I believe that this will be deadly for some physicians who are trapped by $300K in educational debt and don’t have another career option."

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